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How to Protect Nature

How to Protect Nature

11One of the most devastative problems that the world faces today is the destruction of nature and natural sources. The balance and order of nature is being deteriorated day by day after sudden climate changes, the destruction of habitats and so on. Most scientists say that if we do not behave consciously, this environmental problem can be more serious and may do irrepairable harm to all living beings. Despite ongoing damage to nature, there are still several ways to conserve our nature.

First of all, to save nature it is essential to raise people’s awareness. Many people ignore this problem which they encounter every day. As we know, we have witnessed a lot of hazardous natural disasters up to now. For example, an earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, and hurricanes have occurred in the Atlantic Ocean many times. We learn many pieces of bad  news via television, internet and other types of media every day. That is why we have to behave more consciously, such as attending environmental foundations, reading articles about nature and preparing advertisements based on how to protect nature.

The second solution to preserve nature is to encourage people to recycle which means that used materials like glass and paper are gained back by applying various recycling methods. Namely, consumers should pay more attention to collect such used materials as paper, plastics, and glasses. Therefore, significance of recycling should not be underrated.

Lastly, another way to protect nature would be using renewable energy sources. These sources include solar energy, hydroelectric energy, bio-mass energy and wind power. Instead of using coals and fuel oils we can use the power of the sun to get warm as well as wind and hydroelectric power to generate electricity. Governments must enable their citizens to use these sources. Also, they can subsidize entrepreneurs to set up such power plants. Briefly, all people apart from governments do their best to use environmentally friendly energy sources.

All in all, there are certain ways for people to preserve nature, such as raising consumers’ awareness, recycling and using renewable sources. As we all live on the earth and have no other planet to go, we have to save our environment. The bottomline is that we do not have a chance to behave unconsciously when it comes to our nature.