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shutterstock_198474176-998x666To give birth to a child has been a most privileged action for humans since Eva gave birth to Cain and Abel. The reason why people attach great importance to giving birth is that they always wish their name to live for good. For instance, sultans once wanted to have a son not to leave their dynasty to a person from another family.  As love, sense of family, and sexual intercourse have changed due to corruption in the society, unintended pregnancy come into being. According to the new law, to have a baby aborted is illegal, while an abortion up to 10 weeks of pregnancy is legal. Pregnant women over 10 weeks cannot undergo a curettage even if the pregnancy is a result of rape. From my point of view, there is no reason for the prohibition of abortion.

Most of the people may have opposite opinions to mine and their justification may be based on beliefs and religions, but no God does wish a child to live in misery after the birth. In my opinion, a human being is a very precious asset and that is why they should live productively and happily. Unfortunately, to have such a life may not be possible at times due to rape and kid brides. For instance, Gloria who was raped by her own father and gave birth at the age of 12 and today she lives in a small indigenous community in Uruguay. Gloria’s life is over because abortion is prohibited. The number of such cruelty is increasing day by day as a result of the ban on abortion.

Also, the prohibition of abortion not only impacts on women’s psychological state but also their health in general. According to the research done by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, thousands of abortions take place in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. For instance, Romania’s ban on abortion caused 10,000 pregnant women to die in unsanitary conditions and approximately 200,000 children to be left in the orphanages. Along with these, if the doctors report that the child will be disabled because of genetic diseases, it is better to let abortion be performed in order not to cause any damage to both the family and the child.

To sum up, humans are free to decide on their own body and they should not be restricted by anyone. Unconscious child-bearing should be avoided because this situation can lead to psychological disorders, economic problems, and so on. I believe that to give birth to a child under certain circumstances is not necessary to beautify the world and to cherish a person’s name.

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