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The Effects of the Dardanelles Campaign

The Effects of the Dardanelles Campaign

canakkale20savasmk5In March 1915, during World War I, British and French forces launched an attack on Turkish forces in the Dardanelles, in northwestern Turkey. British and French forces wanted to take control of the strait separating Europe from Asia. Also, they wanted to help Russia in terms of economy. In addition to this, to capture Istanbul, they had to take over Çanakkale because Çanakkale was the only way going to Istanbul. By this way, British and French armies started the Dardanelles War but they sustained a defeat. After this defeat, it came up some socio-economic and political effects.

There are a few socio-economic effects of the Dardanelles War. Firstly, this affected Russia very badly. Russia could not get the help that it needs, which ruined its economy. Moreover, after all these occurrents Russia had to make a regime shift. Hereon, Russia was obliged to withdraw from World War I. Secondly, this defeat affected the trade that is among western countries. The western countries could not take the wheat from Russia, so their people famished. For this reason, more than three-hundred ships could not go out from harbour, and those became unusable. Finally, after this war Turkish nation gave 211.000 casualties. Among these, there were lots of teachers, doctors and intelligentsia. These losts affected the Turkish nation calamitously. In conclusion, this war affected Russia most, but besides that, all the western countries were affected in a bad way, including Turkey.

There are also some political effects in the Dardanelles Campaign. Firstly, Turkey acquired its reputation which lost in the Balkan wars. Thus, Turkish nation showed that they were still strong and puissant. Secondly, the consequence of war affected the manners of the countries which did not crusade yet. Bulgaria was on central state side. Also, Romania, Greece and Italy stayed out of the war for more time. Finally, Britannia and France brought these into discredit in terms of military and political, for Allied forces could not cross over the strait. Therefore, these countries’ colonies obeyed the flow of independence and freedom and this case induced some deficiencies in the world. In short, the Dardanelles War affected the world very eventfully from the point of politics.

In brief, these formed several political and socio-economic effects as consequences of the Dardanelles War. After this victory, Turkish people proved themselves and they established their reputation again. I think that all these achievements were under the favour of Mustafa Kemal, who is a Turkish leader.

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