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The Dangers of Mobile Phones for Students

The Dangers of Mobile Phones for Students

1Over the past few years, mobile phones have evolved from being an electronic device we used just to talk to someone and have become a standard piece of equipment in our daily lives. People of all professions and ages carry this small appliance in their pockets or bags to keep in touch with their family, friends and colleagues. However, there is no doubt that it is the younger generation, especially students, who are particularly fond of mobile phones. They use their devices to chat with their friends, listen to music on apps, take photos, record videos and even to access the internet. Despite the fact that there may be important reasons for using mobile phones, it is generally agreed that there are considerable negative consequences of mobile phones commonly used by students because it affects the economic situation of their families, their academic success and health.

To begin with, mobile phones influence the economic state of students’ families. İt is very natural situation is that not all families are rich and they may not have financial state to get what their children want. Even some families who have good financial considerations spend money thoughtfully in today’s conditions. Also, a new phone model is on the market every new day, so the purchasing power of the families is getting harder. In addition, the fact that target mass of mobile phone companies are young people triggers new generation’s dependence on this device. In short, phone companies are a trap, the phone is a cheese and customers who are mostly young is also a mouse.

Secondly, cell phones affect academic success of students. For example, according to recent research, the blue light on a phone causes a human brain to be confused with the day and night concept and this situation causes sleep disorder. Therefore, students might face to learning difficulties. Lack of sleep does not necessarily mean weak memory. Many epoch-making scientists are known by sleeping very little. Apart from this, some students surf the social media on their phones during the course. It is obvious that this is not the right behavior. In my opinion, the phones distract the attention of students to prevent efficient listening to the lesson. I strongly believe that allowing the mobile phone in the course will cause failure because it weakens the focus.

Lastly, mobile phones negatively influence not only students’ but also everybody’s health. Devra Davis, a U.S. physician, who founded the US Enviromental Health Trust, said that the body and the brain are absorbing half of the microwave radiation which cell phones have always been. In addition to this, he said, ‘’In time when we talked with mobile phones, some of our brain cells start to die due to microwave radiation. This is a serious problem for today’s young people who spent time with the phone on the day. Furthermore, spending too much time on the phone causes not only cognitive disorders but also postures and physical impairments. For example, the risk of neck and waist and finger deformations due to phone grip increase. In short, I think that our new generation who pay attention to themselves by doing make-up or going to fitness should use the phones without exaggeration.

All things considered, using mobile phones by students can cause negative consequences. Students do not think that mobile phones which they want by being careful from others will adversely affect the financial situation of their families. Also, impressive applications on the phone can lead to the negative impact of academic success. Another problem is that young people use their phones for long hours and risk their mental and physical health. Is it not strange that these devices which have such negative features occupy a great deal of space in our usual life, especially the life of students? It seems to me that popular culture is like a cage and youngsters are nightingales in it.