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Types of Political Regimes

Types of Political Regimes

vbdThroughout history, people have established countless governments with diverse forms of regime. A regime can be defined as a set of political structures that determine the management of a state. Common political systems in the modern world include democratic republics, monarchies and representative democracies, but they can also be classified into three different groups according to their form; Dynastic, Authoritarian and Totalitarian, and Archaic systems.

Firstly, the dynastic system of government consists of all the leaders of the country coming from one family. Common types of these governments include monarchies, emirates and dynastic empires, like that in Imperial China. This type of government is called a constitutional monarchy, and includes countries like the United Kingdom. Another type of monarchy is Absolute Monarchy, in which the ruler has total power to govern the state and is not subject to any control from a parliament. Examples of modern absolute monarchies are Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal.

Secondly, Authoritarian and Totalitarian regime is a kind of rule in which one person or one party has a complete control over the country. Particularly in totalitarian systems, the leader attempts to control all outlook of society including things like the personal beliefs and morals of the public. Take the case of Adolf Hitler, who was once the leader of Nazi Germany. Another form is dictatorship, in which the ruler does not have to ask anyone and his powers pass on to another person upon his death, as in Libya or North Korea.

Finally, archaic systems are left over from past. To cite Luxemburg as an example, it was a part of the Netherland as a Dutch dominion. Another type of archaic system is a Kritarchy (a rule by judges) and Timocracy (only people who own land can take part in the rule). There are also other types of governments but they are rare in the modern world.

In conclusion, we can divide regimes into three groups according to how countries are governed; Dynastic system, Authoritarian and Totalitarian system, and Archaic system. In my opinion three of them are useless for folk. As a famous philosopher said; ‘”A nation that always manages itself well, does not have to be governed’’.