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Types of Photography

Types of Photography

11For most people, art is philosophy of life.  Everywhere human beings live, there is absolutely a kind of art. In other words, art works have emerged with the existence of humankind because people have somehow desired to reveal their emotions and thoughts. It is a fact that art differs from person to person. That is why a diversity of art branches have come into being. There are three sub-branches in art, one of which is the visual art. I think the most beautiful and interesting part of visual art is photography. Photography can be divided into three groups by importance for people: Documentary Photography, Architectural Photography, and Travel Photography.

The first group of photography is documentary photography. The world of animals is a very interesting and complex structure. Sometimes, some animals fight with each other while others help one another. Hunger can cause fights between animals. Taking an African little child’s photo with a vulture in Sudan as an example in 1994, the photographer, Kevin Carter, won Pulitzer awards for this documentary photograph but this photo showed us the big effect of famine on animals and people. Moreover, this photographer committed suicide after three months due to pangs of conscience. For this reason, documentary photography is very important for our life.

The second group of photography is architectural photography. The architectural structure is increasing in this world where people are continuously constructing new buildings. Hence, architecture and construction have gained importance in modern life. Thus, photographs of buildings and cities have given rise to architectural photography. Moreover, the photographs of the destruction caused by natural disasters belong to the area of architectural photography. Whatever the reason is, this branch of photography plays a significant role for humanity.

The final group of photography is travel photography. Curiosity has added new things for people because getting to know new people and seeing new culture are vital for those who wonder streets all over the world. Taking pictures of something is a passion for them, such as the Japanese. It is a well-known fact that some people cannot go and cannot see different places because they do not have any opportunities or facilities. People who travel and take photos get a lot of information, broaden their minds, and share knowledge and experience with others. Thus, those who cannot travel much can learn a lot just by looking at these photos and reading books written by travelers. In brief, this branch of photography is crucial for people who want to acquire new information.

In conclusion, art has three sub-branches but the most important sub-branch of art is photography. When it comes to photography, especially documentary photography, architectural photography, and travel photography are important and interesting for humanity, animals and life in general. In my opinion, the world which we live in is a work of art and art is everywhere. Therefore, art is needed for good education, good students, good teachers, good artists and good civilization as Atatürk said ” Art is stairs of high civilization.”