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Julio Iglesias vs Dr. Dre

Julio Iglesias vs Dr. Dre

images    Around the world, there are a number of artists known by the public. Moreover, some of the artists are active in diverse fields. One of them is Julio Iglesias, born in 1943, and is a Spanish. Another one is Dr. Dre, born in 1965, and an American. Julio Iglesias is a singer and songwriter, while Dr. Dre is a producer, rapper, executive of the recording company, and actor. In addition, Julio Iglesias was a goalkeeper in Real Madrid but he had to put an end to his football career after having a traffic accident. These two artists have got several similarities and differences in many aspects.

   As for the artists’ similarities, both of them are recognized with what they have done in music industry. According to the latest conveyed survey, many of the people recognize Julio Iglesias as a Spanish singer. Similarly, Dr. Dre has endeavored about music by half. Besides, like Julio Iglesias, Dr. Dre married a few times. Julio Iglesias has got married for the third time, and Dr. Dre has got married for the fifth time. More importantly, Julio Iglesias and Dr. Dre are big income earner artists each. Most importantly, both have got many awards. Julio Iglesias’s prizes are about music but Dr. Dre received a prize as a producer. In conclusion, both border in career, dealings, earnings, and interests.

  iglesias_julioAs well as these similarities, two successful artists also have got many differences. At first, both of them are interested in music but their styles are different. Julio Iglesias’ songs are in western-style or pop but Dr. Dre makes rap. Secondly, as countries where they lived are different, so their culture varies. Thirdly, their physical types are different. Julio Iglesias has got brown hair and brown eyes, whereas Dr. Dre has got black hair and black eyes. Julio Iglesias’s hair is bushier, and Dr. Dre’s skin is darker. In brief, they have got differences in physical type, culture and music style.

   To sum up, they have got a large number of similarities in their career, dealings, earnings and interests. Concurrently, there are several differences in physical appearance, culture, and music style. As my old teacher says, ”If a person wants to impress others after he/she dies, he or she should be effective in numerous fields, and he/she should be successful in each of them.” I think Julio Iglesias and Dr. Dre set good examples for such people.

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