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Is university education necessary?

Is university education necessary?

Resim2Everybody lives to do something. Our first aim is making real to vital activity, such as eating, sleeping. Our second aim is gaining a seat in communal living, in other words getting respect from people. Another aim is prosperousness in life. Most people tell us that success means having a lot of money, having a fulfilling career and being powerful. Some people defend that university education is unnecessary but other people defends totally the opposite.

Some people get a start in business in childhood and they succeed substantially. They do not study at university and maybe it is good for them. These people could not be successful when they study in university. They learn their job with every detail from their bosses. This is the relationship of qualified workman and the master. In addition to this, most people drop out the university because the classes are not remarkable and useable. According to the research, 60 percent of the lessons that all students took along the university is not functional and practical. These lessons are not used in the business life and consequently, studying at university does not change anything. You learn your job, not at the university but in the workplace.

Contrary to this, a lot of people think that university education is necessary, especially in our country, Turkey. University education provides us with useful skills and living experience for having a good job in the future. Unfortunately, if you do not study in university, you cannot find a good job. At the present time, studying in university is not enough. Besides this, you should be able to speak at least two languages. University education provides not only the high-level skills necessary for employment market but also the training essential for teachers, doctors, civil servants, engineers, and so on. For example, the doctors save our life and they have to study in university. There are not any doctors who did not study in university and began this job in childhood. Regardless, having education is very significant and every working area has their own education system. In conclusion everybody should have the education by which they are affected.

All in all, the essential park in making a career is studying in the university. Of course, there are some business areas which people can be successful without studying at the university but, it is important to learn some knowledge about your job. Some people think that the university education is unnecessary, some people do not think in that way. I think, every person, who wants to be successful in business life, should study in the university.

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