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Death Penalty

Death Penalty

The world has a strange justice, so you try so hard to make a better place in the world. In Turkey crime rate is high, according to other countries. I think we owe this rate to our judgement system. We do not have a deterrent punishment system and we do not give weight to decrease the crime rate. Therefore, there is a debatable topic in public about whether, we should make the applicable death penalty or not. I think we need the death penalty for the sake of our public, judgement and democracy.

The first argument is that there is a better way to help the families of murder victims. We should minimize undergo trauma and loss. The death penalty does not help this people heal nor do they end their pain. Also, no civilian’s job description should include killing another person. However, despite these arguments, death penalty is necessary in some situations, because if we let go some criminals, the World would be more painful. Of course, we cannot assuage the pain of victims’ families, but we can save other peoples’ lives. Certainly, capital punishment should be implemented just such serious cases as rape, murder and so on. Sometimes we should sacrifice for something in our life. The death penalty is an abnegation for the public. If a person is guilty of big crime, we should give up this person for a sake of public. Because if we do not give up, this person can hurt many people. Therefore, we should sacrifice on one person to 100 people.

The second argument is that the judgement system should be fair not to be decreed for death. Also, most of criminals are punished with life imprisonment we do not have to kill them. Despite these arguments, our judgement system is not good enough; also, punishments are not deterred. Even though a judge gives the heaviest punishment for a criminal, he or she may be released after maximum 10 years. Therefore, the crime rate in Turkey does not go down. That is why we need death penalty. Our judgement system can be better thanks to the death penalty and we can have a low rate of crime.

The final argument is about whether we lose our democratic regime when we apply the capital punishment. Because democracy provides a safe and free life for us, it bans the death of any person as well. Also, most of democratic countries do not expect death penalty. Despite these arguments, the death penalty is needed for democracy. Also, capital punishment can heal the democracy in our country. If we want to live safely, we should block crime in the country. In many countries death penalty is generally for murder, treason and human smuggling. Also developing countries applied death penalty, such as America, Japan and China. Therefore, capital punishment is not indicative of infantilism.

All in all, I suppose our country need capital punishment in terms of people, judgement and democracy. Otherwise, the death penalty does not mean we should kill all criminals. In contrast, death penalty uses just a few types of crime. I think our judgement system should be buttressed with capital punishment.

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