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People were born with an empty brain. Through education, it gets full of information. There are two types of education: formal and informal. The education which families give is informal, and education which is given at schools is formal. If people do not receive any kind of education, they remain ignorant. Ignorance is something dangerous because it does harm to everyone in the society.

1   The public are harmed by ignorance because it is at the root of most problems. In an ignorant and uneducated society, entrepreneurs cannot meet their educated workforce easily. Therefore, unemployment is increasing in such societies day by day. Also, these communities face alot of violence and social unrest. Even though they have rich natural sources, they cannot use them and thus they never develop. Briefly, ignorance brings all evils of the outside world to a country.


   Ignorance is partly possible to be averted by education but education needs to be accompanied by social activities if nations really want to get rid of ignorance. Hence, the government should arrange cultural trips, educational programs on TV channels and seminars or courses free of charge everywhere. Besides, free newspapers should be available at cafes because when people start reading, ignorance fades away.


In conclusion, ignorance damages both individuals and nations. As Atatürk said, the biggest war of a nation is the one with ignorance. In my opinion, ignorance can be driven out with education and social activities and when people like art and reading, it will certainly disappear.

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