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To spend leisure time efficiently

To spend leisure time efficiently

One day is 24 hours. How do people spend this time? They spend 8 hours working, and 4 hours for personal necessities. The important point is to spend this time efficiently. Here are the ways to do this: social activity, reading, and doing sport.

People cannot live without social life. They want to spend their time with their friends. For example, they want to get rid of their uneasiness, and hang around with them. They had better spend their time with their family; otherwise, other family members of him become unhappy. In short, people should schedule their social life well.

By reading many books, people had better improve themselves. There are a variety of books. Which books should be read? First, they should read books that develop their imagination like science fiction and fantastic books. Second, they should read books that enrich their soul. First of all, if they have a sacred book by Allah, they should read it because they are going to turn back to Allah one day. Then, they should read moral and communal books. As a result, people ought to read books for minimum ten minutes for themselves.

People do sports, for they want to live as healthy people. First, if they have in excess of weight, they can get rid of them by having a walk in the mornings or at nights. Second, by doing sport they feel one’s oats, or feel good. If they start the day with sport, they can be successful. Barely they do not have to be tired. Even if they do sport for five minutes, it is sufficient to have a healthier life. Consequently, people can live long and healthy by means of sport.

In conclusion, people should take care of their social life to be happy, should read many books to develop themselves, and do sport for a healthy life. I believe that people’s time is little but they may have to make many things. What is important is to spend it efficiently, or else people live in vain.

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