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Hospital Pharmacists

Hospital Pharmacists
    We are born, live, and finally die. That is the unavoidable cycle of the human nature.  Although we cannot rule the first and the last part, it is in our hands to change the way we live.  As all “normal” human beings, we get sick–we wish we didn’t but that is nearly impossible with the conditions we live in–and visit hospitals. In order to increase our quality of lives again, we start a treatment and medication.  In this part, we trust the doctors, pharmacists, and nurses so they have a huge responsibility of leading the patient with their medication.  Especially hospital pharmacists are like a linking section between doctors and the patient since they have to check if the doctor uses the right medication for the patient. Their duty does not end just with the hospital part but goes on after discharge because if the patient does not continue the medication properly, it is mostly useless.  This is also important to prevent the adverse drug affects (ADE’s) which may be seen after discharge. To unite them all together, we can shortly sum up hospital pharmacists’ main tasks in three titles: medication review, discharge counseling and telephone follow-up.

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