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Exams (an opinion paragraph)

Exams (an opinion paragraph)

    I believe that all kinds of written or oral exams are a waste of time and effort for students although some claim that they are an indispensable part of schooling. First of all, current exams never ever evaluate a student’s actual level of knowledge or skills since the student is most of the time excessively stressed or panicky at the time of testing, which reduces his or her performance remarkably. Besides, despite the fact that some students rarely study, they can succeed in the exams because they are either good at cheating or making answers up. Along with these, the fact that some teachers are biased in checking exam papers shows that students’ performances are not assessed objectively. For instance, a student always flattering his/her teachers or the one sharing the same political ideology with his/her teacher may get higher grades than he or she actually deserves. In conclusion, exams are not necessary, and therefore must be removed from the curriculum. Instead, a committee of teachers should monitor and assess students on the sly (=secretly), which will be a less stressful and more objective evaluation technique.

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