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Dogs vs Humans as a Friend?

Dogs vs Humans as a Friend?

    12Most people like animals, and they feed them in their habitat insomuch that they look after some animals in their home, such as dogs, cats, and mice, and so on.  Some people consider them their best friend. Barely is that true? Which one is people’s best friend? A dog or a human? There are similarities and differences between a dog and a human as a friend.

    Both dogs and humans as a  friend have peculiar similarities. First, people need dogs for their troubled time. Humans as a friend are the same as them  in this respect. Second, people like spending their time with them. For example, people enjoy taking their dogs for a walk. Similarly, they want to hang around their human friends. As a result, people like both their dogs’ and their human friends’ companionship.

    Along with these similarities, having a dog or a human as a friend has many differences. While people can speak to their human friends, a dog cannot speak. Moreover, they both differ in characteristic. For example, dogs are faithful beings and they mostly spend their time with their owners, whereas one’s human friend has numerous other friends to spend time with. Even if the dog’s owner dies, it waits at his/her bedside for hours. Also, dogs do not hope much interest from their owner, so if they are sated, people have almost no problems with them. In contrast, a human as a friend expects a greal deal of interest and sometimes it is hard to satisfy them. In short, even though dogs and human beings  differ a lot in terms of friendship, people need both of them.

    All in all, dogs and humans’ friendship for a person has both diverse and parallel attributes. Although a proverb says “Dogs are the best friends for people”, this view changes from person to person. In my opinion, people get more harm from their human friends thatn that from dogs, so people had better prefer dogs as a friend since they are loyal.

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