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Death Sentence

Death Sentence

For years, whether death sentence is essential has been an object at issue. Some people say that death sentence should be implemented and criminals ought to serve the sentence of their crime; thus, the capital punishment may be deterrent for the people, who are prone to crime. Others say that death sentence is not a punishment, it is an ignorance, so it does not enforce. Indeed, as a result of trial, which is right, death sentence should be implemented in a few ways.

Everybody says that “Do not approach to evil by doing wrong.”, so to kill somebody who has killed another people is wrong. No one’s right to life cannot be defrauded. Prison sentence is the biggest punishment for culprits. Nevertheless, any evil should not go unpunished. The heaviest retribution should be implemented for someone, who murders people or scarify of blameless people. That is to say, death sentence is essential. Death sentence is equal according to laws for person, who interferes in someone else’s right to life, so it can be performed. Lifelong incarceration is not equal for serious offender. Moreover, that the costs of jail are provided by public and criminals live with public’s taxes are unjust. Besides, lifelong incarceration cannot be implemented due to good conduct abatement and remission of punishment.

Some people say that what will happen if the person’s innocence is proven? Decedent cannot come back to life. In addition, for criminals, prison sentence, in other words, that their independence are defrauded is even major punishment. The significant matter is that environment and factors, which the criminals are affected, should be considered. Thus, effects, which bring about that crime, should be annihilated. However, if the effect of fair trial is death sentence, the person already is criminal. Even someone, who is condemned to lifelong incarceration, is blameless in fact, that person is not to live his/her life, so what changes when he/she is 80? Furthermore, according to the statistics, killing one person is the same as killing 100 people. The difficult point is to kill the first victim.

All in all, death sentence is necessary for people, who do not care about others’ life. Death sentence should become effective to provide the security and public peace. Thus, criminals pay the price for their crimes.

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