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Drugs at a Lower Cost

Drugs at a Lower Cost

“The art is not in making money, but in keeping it” says a famous proverb. However, nowadays it’s also really hard to make money too. So, it’s getting hard twice to save some money for ourselves.  We spend loads for education and health.  Especially for health, although the government covers most of the expenses, we still have to take some money out for the medicine.  That’s where one of the biggest problems of the health care system begins.  The higher prices of the medicines become, the poorer (or unhappier) people turn. Prices increase because of insurance, taxes or the relations between governments and pharmaceutical industry.  In all events, a compliance problem occurs between the medicine and the patient.  In order to increase the compliance, the prices can be decreased to a modest level in three ways: drug-licensing, governments encouraging pharmaceutical industry in making more research & development works, or increasing the production of generic medicine.

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