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Causes of Traffic Accidents

Causes of Traffic Accidents

There are different types of accidents which people suffer from in their life, such as traffic accidents and home accidents which lead to a large number of casualties. According to recent statistic, more people die in traffic accidents compared with terrorist attacks. The causes of traffic accidents can be split into three categories: personal factors, governmental factors, and walkers’ mistakes.

One of the leading causes of traffic accidents is to do with the drivers themselves. Given personal factors of deadly accidents in traffic, drunk driving comes first. According to experts, lots of people died last year owing to drunk driving. The second reason of accidents is drivers’ talking on the phone. This case causes to more carelessness. Another reason of accidents is speeding because some people are crazy about speeding and especially young people want to speed. As a result, drivers’ personal mistakes cause deadly accidents in traffic.

There are some reasons for traffic accidents related to the government. The first reason is venality of the police. The government should prevent this unfairness. Secondly, most people can get false driving licenses, and the government had better find a solution to this case. In addition, the government should repair the cracks on roads. To sum up, the government should fulfill its responsibilities to minimize traffic accidents.

Fifty percent of traffic accidents are caused by walkers’ mistakes. The first of them is walkers’ irresponsible behavior; for instance, walkers walk across the street when traffic lights are red. Secondly, adults do not take good care of their children in traffic; therefore, a great many accidents occur in traffic. In short, walkers are responsible for traffic accidents as well as drivers.

In conclusion, nowadays, lots of individuals pass away due to traffic accidents around the world. There are various causes of these accidents. People, walkers or drivers, and the government are the main causes of traffic accidents. This situation can be prevented by the government and by people who obey individual traffic rules.

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