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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Topic: What is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today? Choose one skill and use specific reasons and examples to support your choice. 

Life can be likened to a notebook full of empty pages that would be filled by its owner in the course of time. Each owner is obliged to fill the pages until there comes the extreme point of the notebook. After filling it, the owner/author writes in capital letters “THE END”. In other words, in life we all have limited days to live and unfortunately, we live with the fact that we will have to write an end one day. There is no doubt that every owner has an intent to write down something that is like a fairy tale. While writing down their own lives, of course, they want to use the most sophisticated words, idioms, and other expressions to make all writing more successful, even the best of all. All these take us to a point of question: What brings the success to a life and what makes writing the book of our lifetime more sophisticated? The answer to them is having the skill to use time properly.

First of all, as we all have got limited pages on our notebook, that is to say limited days in our life, one has an obligation to use the pages wisely and properly on account of not having any alternatives to use extra ones. Hence, to taste all sweetness of life we need to rush. When it comes to the concept of success, one of the most delicious tastes of life, this is the situation. Being successful in life is completely equal to the proper use of TIME. This is mainly because achieving success demands many talents. As a result, compiling all skills together takes time. Providing that a person uses his time to improve his own skills, then success comes naturally by itself and it opens the door to be in the elite part of the social status and gives him a “name” in the society.

Secondly, the term “success” does not necessarily mean having a good social rank. Being a happy person or doing the things that bring you happiness during all your life also means a great success in life as well as a goal scored against the TIME. With the passing time, when the last page of the notebook comes, being able to say oneself with a smiling face “it was worth all my efforts to fill all the pages with my memories.” is the biggest achievement of all. There is no doubt that one can say such a thing only when he filled every second of his life with the awareness of the exact value of TIME.

As a conclusion, the term “success” differs from person to person. While some consider it a mixture of certain talents and a social rank, others take it into account as an art of being happy. I am one of those who belong to the second group. Success is a line very close to happiness, and happiness itself is a line or a moment of a life that has to be grabbed tightly. Briefly, seizing every one of the moments, seconds, minutes, and hours in our lifetime is the real success and it is a key opening the gate to happiness itself. We all must keep in mind that writing on the notebook of our life can seem a long process at first, but you realize how short it is when you come to the last page. There are fewer pages on the notebook than you think. In other words, life is far shorter than you estimate, so SEIZE THE DAY to get pleasure.

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