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Awareness to Prevent Violence

Awareness to Prevent Violence

TOPIC: Violence among the family members is a serious problem in our country. What can be done to solve this problem?

2Violence among the family members is a serious problem in our country and it is increasing day by day. As the family is the most crucial part to have a proper, robust and sound community, we should make sure that family members have strong relationships. To solve this problem, we should carefully examine the reasons behind the violence among the family members. In my opinion, the main reasons for clashes within a familya re parents’ lack of awareness of how to raise a child and the entertainment industry which provokes violence.

Most parents frequently apply to violence as a way to bring up their children. They should be aware of the fact that violence is not an option but an obstacle to cope with conflicts or any kind of problem with their children. They should be able to have empathy with their children and prefer discussing at least certain problems with their children to come up with the right solutions. Another important thing is that they need to have knowledge on child psychology and bear in mind that their children’s perception may differ from theirs. I think that the government can open such courses to inform parents about how to solve family issues without using any violence.

More importantly, the entertainment industry induces violence, which naturally affects families too. We all know that children are surround by various films, TV shows, video games, and all that kind of stuff. The thing that concerns us is the huge amount of violence in each of these factors. Children are subject to this content of violence put into TV programs every day and they start to perceive violence as something ordinary since problems are solved by means of violence in these TV shows. Therefore, when these children have a problem with another member of family, they tend to use violence to solve their problem as well. In order to prevent it, the government should have strict regulations to make the content of TV programs suitable for children.

In summary, we should take the reasons behind any violence used within a family into consideration in order to have a better family structure. It may be helpful to give parents informative courses, which will make parents much more qualified about how to bring up their children. In addition to this, the government should impose some sanctions on media industry through stricter regulations to make programs including no violence and benefitting children’s personal development.