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8 May, 2011

Istanbul versus Nevşehir

There are 81 provinces in Turkey. All of the provinces have different beauties and features. For…

8 May, 2011

Advantages of Arranged Marriage

          Life is very long with different stages in its every part. When babies become…

8 May, 2011

Effects of Cultural shock

Throughout people's life, people have faced numerous problems. In other words, life is very long…

12 Nis, 2011

How to spend our spare time efficiently

Time is the key factor in people's life. Experts suggest that people always try to…

10 Nis, 2011

Effects of Football

People spend a great deal of time to do their activities. When people want to…

1 Nis, 2011

Ways to Be Successful

There are countless ways to be successful, such as being hardworking, being decisive, and being…

1 Nis, 2011

Ways to Be Rich

An Introductory Paragraph: Throughout history, billions of people have lived in the world. Some of…

24 Mar, 2011

A Good Teacher

Hold on a second and imagine a life without any education. It is like a…

16 Mar, 2011

Effects of Cold Weather

There are numerous effects of cold weather on people. First of all, cold weather…

10 Mar, 2011

Natural Disasters

There are countless negative effects of natural disasters on people. First…

2 Mar, 2011

The Internet and Children

There are numerous negative effects of the internet on children. First of all, children who…

25 Şub, 2011

Handicapped people

There are several difficulties of being handicapped people. First of all, people who are handicapped…

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