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26 Nis, 2011

Male Friends or Female Friends

People should be very careful when it comes to choosing a friend because our friend is…

28 Mar, 2011

How to Win a Girl’s Heart

It is possible to win a girl's heart in several ways. Firstly, men should be…

28 Mar, 2011

How to Become Rich

Humans need money to live and there are many ways to earn it. First of…

19 Mar, 2011

Being a Good Teacher

An introductory paragraph: People have been apt to live together since the first human appeared…

19 Mar, 2011

Effects of Cold Weather

Humans' body is accustomed to living in cold weather, but living in cold weather has bad…

2 Mar, 2011

Living in a Dormitory

Generally, staying in a dormitory is a very common thing among university students and it requires…

2 Mar, 2011

The Secret Enemy: Internet

    Recently the internet has spread all over the world faster than any time before.…

20 Şub, 2011

Handicapped People

Every person is commonly happy in the world, but there is another side of the world…

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