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Advantages of Arranged Marriage

Advantages of Arranged Marriage

          Life is very long with different stages in its every part. When babies become children, they start school. After that, students graduate and choose certain professions like engineering, teaching, and medicine. When people have jobs, they start to earn their own money. If a person is exempt from obligatory military service and has a steady full-time job, it is high time to get married now that it is a common practice for many people to get married after a certain age.  There are three main types of marriage, which can be listed as love marriage, convenience marriage, and arranged marriage. Arranged marriage differs from the others since it owns numerous remarkable effects, such as long-term relationship, true love, and the last chance.

         One of the most notable effects of arranged marriage is that these marriages last longer than the other sorts of marriages. To begin with, these marriages are set up via couples’ families. That is why arranged marriages are well supported by families. Furthermore, when people marry in this way, they start to know each other after marriage, so that people do not run out of certain things before marriage.

         Another noticeable effect is that arranged marriages eventually lead to real love marriage. First of all, after people get married, their marriages turn into love marriage over time inasmuch as couples gradually recognize each other’s character better. Therefore, they fall in love during marriage. In short, true love and other mutual strong feelings may come into being after marriage.

        Last but not the least, arranged marriage serves as the last chance for certain people. Firstly, people who are shy are not able to talk to the other sex comfortably. For this reason, they are not able to socialize with other people to find the right girl or boy to marry.  This situation requires arranged married, so that such people have the opportunity getting married indirectly. What is more, some people may not find anyone to marry.  Thanks to their acquaintances, these people can marry as well.

         In conclusion, there are, of course, countless effects of arranged marriage. Being a long-time affair, turning out to be true love, and acting as the last chance for some people are its most significant effects. I strongly recommend that people should rely on their families before getting married, and thus they should try to make a correct choice of life partner.

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