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The Nightmare of Modern Times: Insomnia

The Nightmare of Modern Times: Insomnia

12It is an indisputable fact that developing technology is making people’s life easier day by day. In other words, ever-increasing speeds of devices, increasing access speed, and technological tools which make everyday life easier are undoubtedly changing our consumption habits continuously. Although most people highlight several advantages of developing technology, how many of us are aware of the technology’s negative yields? According to the most research specialists, with the increasing use of technological devices such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, and fulltime televisions, diseases related to insomnia have increased in the last several decades. Not only during the day but also during the night, mobile phones are always at our hand and ready to steal from our sleep. What kind of threats does insomnia pose to our life and is it possible to cope with them? Though insomnia brings about noticeable problems, we can come up with practicable solutions to them.

One of the biggest problems that people suffer from due to insomnia is psychological. Sleep disorders such as insomnia are a common symptom of many mental illnesses, including anxiety, depression, schizoprenia, bipolar disorder, attention deficit, and hyperactivity disorder. Taking the people who have anxiety as an example, although sleeplessness seems as a part of anxiety, actually, it is a remarkable reason which triggers  anxiety. In a case of anxiety, heartbeats accelerate and muscles strain increase. If the muscles do not unwind, people cannot fall asleep. Without falling asleep, people’s level of anxiety increases because they think about when they will sleep, so they start to feel nervous. The situation turns into a vicious circle. The solutions to such problems are to get all clocks out off the room where you sleep, to take a warm shower before sleep, and spare certain amount of  time necessary for you to relax before sleep. Especially, one should bear in mind that clocks are huge obstacles in front of sleep since they remind people of the time when they have to wake up.

Another important problem for insomniac people is physical. As is known, restless leg syndrome, which is a discomfort described as the pain, numbness, and moving necessity in the legs, feet, and calf, comes into people’s mind first when they hear the words ‘’physical problem’’ and ‘’sleepnessness’’ in the same sentence. People who have restless leg syndrome need to move their legs overwhelmingly. Not only restless leg syndrome, but also backache, rheumatism are two problematic issues at that point. Meanwhile, people’s minds are miles away, and they cannot think about sleep. The best solution to handle this problem is to speak with a doctor and receive a professional treatment. What is more, a 2015 study by Harvard Medical School shows that meditation techniques to fall asleep quickly can be a powerful solution to insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Finally, social problems which most people encounter in our modern age result from insomnia. Insomniac people face a couple of problems during the day, such as sleepiness, fatigue, lack of energy, and memory problems. Moreover, they are prone to violence more than normal people because of the fact that sleeplessness makes them irritable and after a while the irritableness turns into violence. Besides, insomnia weakens social activities, and social relationships. A good way to overcome insomnia would be to avoid naps because taking a nap in the daytime may make it more difficult to fall asleep at night. Another way to tackle insomnia would be not to do exercise at least two hours before going to bed. Conversely, if they do sports much earlier, they will feel exhausted and  need to sleep more.

To sum up, although it is crystal clear that insomnia is very common and problematic issue in today’s world, it is possible to offer solutions and tackle it. All problems start in people’s mind and are solved in people’s mind, too. Each problem that insomnia opens a road has a solution. Insomniac people should take a deep breath and say themselves ‘’I can do it.’’ As Carol Burnett said “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”, we should try to cure our trouble by ourselves first.