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                                     Ways to be rich  

    People want to have a lot of things in life. In other words, there are they have numerous dreams, desires, and requests. They should have much money for them but it is very hard to earn that money. If  so, how are is much money earned?  One should do the right job in the right place at the right time in order to be rich.

                                      Ways to be success

    People are social beings, and they have a lot of social duty duties. They want to succeed in their duty. Barely, everybody is not successful. What are makessuccessful people different? Working hard, being patient, or being self-confident? The right answer to this question is all of the above.

                                     How to win a person’s heart

    People are sentimental beings, and there are a lot of emotions, such as love, clemency, and joy. Love is an abstract sense and it is easy to fall in love with a person but winning a heart is hard. How can a person’s heart won? There are many ways, such as making eye contact,  speaking well, giving him/her gifts.


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