A Good Teacher


    Education is the most important thing in our life because we need to improve our level of knowledge. If our teachers help us to improve ourselves, we will be very good.  They have some skills like patient patience, greats ideas, taking care of their students. Firstly, being patient is one of the most important elements in education. Every teacher must have patient patience because students can sometimes be so naughty and being able to be patient helps teachers. A teacher who is patient is more effective than an impatient one. Secondly, the teachers must be knowledgeable. They can teach many things to their student.  Students will be so successful with their teachers and they can improve themselves.  Teachers have to know many things about different things because they can face different questions any time. Thirdly, being a good teacher means being like a friend with their students because students want to their teachers to act like a friend. Every teacher must have some responsibles responsibilities for their students. Finally, if a teacher has these skills, it means that he or she is a good teacher.


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