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Internet plays a crucial role in almost everyone’s lives all around the world. Watching series/movies is the most preffered activity on the internet by people from all ages, especially by university students. Almost all university students spend a great deal of their time on Netflix, the most popular movie viewing site. According to a research carried out at Istanbul University, Netflix increases its number of subscribers by about 10% per year. Even though some people claim there is no harm in watching movies/series on Netflix, I am not in favor of this opinion for three reasons: unnoticeable health problems, negative impacts on personality, and waste of time.

The first reason why watching series/movies on Netflix is harmful for university students is unnoticeable health problems. University students spend a lot of time in a fixed position while watching something on Netflix for a long time, but they are unaware of it. This habit of them causes orthopedic health problems. Moreover, because they spend a large amount of time on Netflix, they sleep less than they need and they get tired more than usual. Experts from the University of Gazi say people who do not get enough sleep will face more health problems in later years. As a result, my opinion is that people’s health problems increase due to watching series/movies on Netflix.

Another reason why I am against watching Netflix is its negative impacts on a person’s personality. According to some scientists from Ege University, people love binge-watching because it releases dopamine, a natural chemical in the brain that makes them feel good. That is why people are dependent on Netflix. What is more, it adversely affects people’s behaviour and personality characteristics. For instance, people cannot make their own decisions. Also, watching series/movies on Netflix impedes the development of their imagination. In conclusion, as in many countries, in Turkey, Netflix negatively influences the socio-cultural structure of society and individuals’ personal characteristics.

The last reason why I believe Netflix leads to a lot of damage is waste of time. In fact, people attach importance to time because it is like a treasure. If people do not know how to use it, they lose this treasure in a short time and they do not realize it. However, people spend a long time in Netflix and their treasures are running low. In short, I think one of the biggest losses of people is wasting a lot of time at Netflix.

All things considered, it seems to me that Netflix has a lot of harm to people, but most of them do not notice it. Among these damages, inconspicuous health problems, bad effects on personality, and waste of time come forward. A thinker says that the value of time and health are the most valuable treasures to be known. In addition to this, experts say people who do not get enough sleep will face more health problems in later years. That is why people lose both their time and their health. My advice is spending more time with their beloved ones instead of watching series/movies on Netflix.


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