Addiction to Instagram


       Most of the people, particularly young girls are either already addicted or coming to get addicted to instagram nowadays. Almost all girls spend their time on instagram in order to be famous, socialize with others, learn more about others’ private lives, be admired by others, show off, and so on. Unfortunately, while sharing their life with others, instagram girls suffer from some negative effects, such as mental disorders, exposure to misinformation, loss of moral values, destruction of their privacy, and  waste of their time. However, it is possible for them to get rid of their addiction to instagram in several ways. First of all, they should take part in face to face interaction more by socializing with their friends in real life situations. Another solution to instagram addiction is that they should try to limit the time they spend on instagram by reading books or taking up new  hobbies. Finally, they can receive psychological support from a specialist. In  conclusion, although most girls are instagram addicts,  they can overcome such addiction in several ways.


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