The Future: Hell or Paradise?


1People want to see what they will face in the future but they know well that it is not easy to anticipate the future. Not being able to foresee what will happen in the future is not an obstacle for human beings in today’s conditions. Personally,  If I am supposed to make a prediciton to do with the future by taking inspiration from today’s conditions, it will definitely not be something positive thanks to the developing technology. There are three main reasons why I do not think positively about the future: a dramatic decrease in water sources, progress in war technology at an unprecedented pace and an increase in robotization.

First of all, decreasing water sources makes me pessimistic. Many countries of the world are suffering from the shortage of water. In Africa alone, tens of countries are struggling to reach water by using primitive methods. I fervently believe that we will have trouble in finding drinkable water because of getting dirty water in the future, so experts have to tackle this issue in order to prevent a probable imminent disaster.

Secondly, developing war technology is one of the biggest problems of the future. Countries are creating gigantic war machines and bombs under colour of defending themselves and mankind but they do not know that they are undermining mankind by creating war machines. The bombs that have a dramatical power of damage pose a danger to the world’s future. We can call the people using these machines gamblers because these people gamble with our world’s future.

Last but not least, increasing robotization will probably present an unliveable world to humankind. We live in the technology era. Robots frequently appear in our lives with developments in robotic technology. Also robots can easily do the works that are being preferred  in many fields. Increasing robotizaton poses a danger to people wanting to work . In short, these developments will cause much more unemployment. Also I believe that  when the robotization is getting common, communication between people is getting low, so I am scared of increasing robotization worldwide.

To sum up, I do not look ahead positively due to three major reasons: the reduction of water sources, advanced war technology and increasing robotization. I hope that the states will come together to take necessary precautions and find solutions in order not to encounter such problems in the future.


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