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2In recent days, whenever we watch the TV or read a newspaper, we hear the news about new regulations related to Turkish military services. Today, people with a certain income want to be exempt from obligatory military service. The paid military service for such young people costs ₺15.000, but they are supposed to receive a one-month basic military training. This issue has been widely discussed in the Turkish press. These discussions have dragged people into two separate thoughts. Some people oppose paid military service, while others are in favour of it. According to those who are against paid military service exemption, military service is something sacred and it cannot be priced. Other people’s thought is that the number of young people which the army has is above the maximum military capacity. Although military service is very important for a country, I am not against paid military service.

On one hand, the armed forces of a country play an important role in the defense of a homeland against external threats. In the same way, it is essential to struggle against terrorist organizations and marginal sects in and around the country. In addition, as in Turkey, news of martyrs is given on TV channels almost every day. This kind of news deeply affects Turkish people and because they are very sensitive to their soldiers and military forces, they are highly opposed to paid military service.

On the other hand, the views advocated by the opponents as well as the explanations made by Turkish authorities are undoubtedly significant. According to the data issued by the Turkish authorities, the capacity of the armed forces is completely full for the next 10 years even if some young people do not join the army. Besides, they claim that the Turkish state now has  to turn the army into a professional one. As it is in some developed countries like the USA, professional people should be hired in the army. Also those who benefit from the paid military service will have to pay a large amount of money, yet they will be given the basic weapon training and will have to join the army again when needed, especially in the case of any possible war.

In conclusion, it is a controversial issue whether paid military service is necessary for the Turkish nation. There are different opinions on this issue. However, I strongly believe that paid military service is necessary for the homeland because instead of untrained and weak people, those with military knowledge and expertise can serve for a country better. Last but not least, as a consequence of this, we will no longer get martyrdom news in the media, at least the number of casualties will decrease significantly. When everything is taken into account, military service for the Turkish nation is sacred, but it is more logical that professional people should serve as soldiers.


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