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11Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “There is nothing young people can teach old people.”

Nowadays, every time we turn on the television or flick through the pages of a newspaper, we come across articles, stories and pieces of advice, all written by adults or the elderly, but is there completely nothing that can be learnt from the youth? In this essay, I will discuss the dilemma of whether young people can teach something useful to older people or not, and consequently reach a conclusion.

First and foremost, it is scientifically proven that the brain development of new generations has dramatically risen and is considered to be significantly higher than that of the older generations. Therefore, we can say that young people can think more clearly than older people and can reach more logical conclusions. Furthermore, the 21st century is thought to be the technological era. We cannot expect older people to know as much information about the internet, computers, and technology as younger people. Today even the very young children can learn how to use a computer in a surprisingly short period of time, which is actually not something to be proud of because technology can be bad for their health. Anyway, as it is obvious that learning about technological advancement is paramount in this era, it would be unfair to say that young people can teach nothing to older people.

On the contrary, there remain some arguments that there is not anything that can be taught to older people by the youth. To begin with, we have to admit that older people clearly have  a lot more experience than younger people. Due to this reason, it is sensible to think that young people’s advice do not make much sense considering that older people have lived more and experienced more of the tough parts of life. For instance, think about a university or a high school. The teachers are usually older and more experienced than the students who learn from older people. Also, when you have a problem, whom do you consult at first? The answer to this question is most of the time parents or teachers, so older people seem to teach the youth. Moreover, older people are more educated than the younger people as they have spent more time at a school or a university.

To sum up, the argument of whether the youth can teach anything to older people is highly multifaceted. After weighing up both sides of the argument, I can conclude that I am in favor of the youth being able to teach older people. I believe that is not always about the experience, the logical thinking skills that young people possess are more important. Most importantly, the future of a community lies inside the mind of a little child.


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