A Utopian Dream: World Peace



World peace is a living ideal of happiness and peace for all the people of the World. It is a peaceful place where all the nations come together by voluntarily based, anti-war policies to fight against all tyranny and violence. I and many people who wish and demand peace in the World strongly believe that the way to reach peace is through a path that is not violent. Accordingly, the United Nations has been established to provide world peace and the five permanent representatives in this council are China, Russia, France, United Kingdom and the United States. What a bad contrast is that the countries which invest the most in weapons of war and constantly find the excuses for war show themselves as the representatives of World peace. I do not think World peace is possible because of certain reasons.

     The first reason why World peace is impossible is radical nationalism. Human beings who decide on war and peace are living creatures with the world’s most complex biological, chemical and spiritual structure. The brutal aspects of radical nationalists outweigh the fact that people have loving and docile aspects. The 1999 Nobel Prize-winning Gunter Blobel explained that in the recent research, living beings, and therefore humans, have ‘’Violent Gene’’ and that there was a ‘’center of aggression’’ in their brain. When an amount of ray is given to this center, humans become aggressive. Actually, you do not have to be scientist to understand that. For example, Hitler’s attack on Poland September 1, 1939 followed by the begining of the Second Imperialist Sharing War led to destruction and catastrope, the loss of 50 million people, and a great blow to the advance of mankind. Apart from this, the problems between the countries in eastern Europe and the Israel-Palestinian conflict are also a fact of radical nationalism. As a result, my opinion is that ultranationalism is an obstacle to modernization.

     Another reason why I do not think the World peace is possible powe differences between countries in terms of politics and financial condition. The international finance-the capital System which are built on the unsatisfied and unfulfilled ambitions of human beings and multinational companies that provide the system with large revenues, do not allow to be set up of a global, human-focused system which it will bring us world peace. These companies are very strong that they can even determine the political power in the U.S that is suit for their own interests. The fact that U.S executives have previously been multicultural company managers has led to American millitary power is used to protect the interests of U.S companies worldwide. It depends on the fate of the political leaders of the countries which are not only America but also Russia, China and İndia which are economically and politically have importance in the world. In conclusion, while a state is on its way to becoming an empire, people become blind and believe that they are the giants of other society, so they can not recognise human rights crimes in the World and this situation turns the World into hell.

     The final reason why I believe that global peace is impossible is states’ internal and external mistakes. Immanuel Kant who i important philosopher in 18th century put forward his ideas on how to achieve eternal peace with the book, which was written in 1795 and today is described as a philosophical essay. In his book, The Philosophical Eternal Peace, Kant expressed the key of eternal peace according to his own ideas. One of the most relevant ideas with the topic is that a state should not attempt debts to support its external interests. According to Kant, borrowing can be done at the point of strengthening the sub-structure of a country and increasing the work fort he public but borrowing which is in the form of a credit system between states can demage peace because this system causes the borrower state to think that this situation will not be required to pay the creditor state at the same time and to overborrowing by considering that the bowwing is not trouble situation. This system results in the destruction of the weakening debtor state by the strengthening creditor state. If you are going to look at one of the most relevant thoughts in terms of internal affairs, I have to say that he said that the basic organization of every state should be republician. In the republician regimes the people will decide the wars and the people will not be pro-war because they think they will be harmed. To sum up, the world will be a better place if this recommendation is listened, but I do not give a chance to this situation.

     All things considered, it seems to me that world peace is a utopian dream that everyone wants, but that is always being avoided from the sacrifices which must be made to achieve universal peace. My opinion is that radical nationalism, imbalances of political and economic power and mistakes of certain states are the biggest obstacles to peace and equality. If we think that the world is a pale blue dot in the universe, we can understand how insecure it is to be hostile to each other. Perhaps the whole problem is that people are arrogant. To be honest, the world does not give me much hope for peace.


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