No Peace, No Achievement!


775200_1We can realize that vision of global peace is moving away from us quickly if we consider that the bottles and conflicts are inevitable in today’s world. There are greed of human and power ambition in today’s world instead of humanity and peace. In my opinion we can define politics, who have blot out the world of ‘peace’ from the world history in order to go down in history to live their names and ideas, as a symbol of rivalry and individual selfishness. Even a peace alliance between two countries is absolutely established against an another country, is it possible to live peacefully in two hundred six countries? I strongly believe that international alliance of convenience, political ideologies, and religions are three biggest reasons why global peace is impossible to achieve.

    To begin with, alliance of convenience is worth understanding world peace is impossible to achieve. In this age, most of union and coalitions base on virtual goals and the union and coalitions which are serve a group of member’s general interests cannot go beyond a certain point. Built on the terrible results of the Second World War and aimed preventing greater wars, NATO is an organisation which cares America’s national interests mostly in todays. Not only today, but also when the organisation was established the situation is so. When Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay who was NATO’s first Secretary General famously said ‘Keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.’ even though Germany was a member state, like today. On one hand NATO make a promise  about peace and rest. On the other hand they bestow a privilege on some member states. What a realistic peace… In regard to these points we can say that alliance of convenience is the main remorkable reason why the world peace is not possible.

    Furthermore, political ideologies of states is one of the important obstacles to global peace. Ideologies that have gained an unique identity, especially with the French Revolution are the main factor in terms of decision making in international relations. Ideologies of states influence not only their own country,  but also whole world. From this aspect, ideologies are a bit emperialist. All of ideologies want to spread in a bigger area. It is crystal clear that beginning the Second World War by the attack of Germany fascism on Polony in first September in 1939 is the best example. Although ideology starts in mind, it finishes with tangible sanctions. Ideology escalates war. As Jean Paul Sartre said ‘ When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.’ peace is just a far dream in this ideology war. To sum up, world peace is not possible as long as there are greedy ideologies that increase the tension between states such as imperialism, pragmatism, capitalism.

    Another point is that religion is a factor why global peace is impossible. Even we cannot take religion as a direct cause, it is an effective factor indirectly on warfares. Greed of people opens a road to use religion as a motivational tool. Most particularly, all religions in the World exhort in order to live in peace, tranquilly, and fraternally. But in practise, it is possible to see how the situation has been misspresented and how people have interpreted as they want. Take the Crusades which is called the Religious War as an example, while there was too many religious reason apparently, at the end of the war cultural and politics results have overnumbered religious results. As we can see from this example, governments have waged wars by using religion. In addition to this, religion has caused some wars directly in throughout history. It is known that the Prophet Muhammad was in the forefront of the Battle of Badr and took part in the Battle of the Trench and the Battle of Uhud. Is it possible to know right and do wrong for a man of God who receive revelation from God? Hovewer we must be known the Kur’an legalizes self- protection. against to a contra power which threaten it’s entity. Based on this we can say that religious differences cause wars. All things considered that religious has an negative effect on global peace.

    In conclusion, global peace is not possible to achieve due to three main reasons: alliance of convenience, political ideologies, and religious. As far as I am concerned, the idealism behind ‘World Peace’ with never become a reality and be pushed into full recognition throughout planet earth. I believe, when we learn that a person’s life is more important than all earth, we will find the right way to peace.


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