Reasons for Turkey’s Lack in Space Science


resim2Is it not unfortunate that Turkey has fallen behind in space science and space journey in terms of technological and business opportunities when we consider the importance given to space science and journeys by many developed countries, particularly U.S.A and Russia? I strongly believe that despite the enormous efforts of our inquistive, curious and determined space scientists, our country’s space science studies are not at the desired level for several reasons when we look at the eyes of developed countries.

In the first place, economic prosperity is reflected in space studies as it is in every social field. For example, in the U.S.A, space companies like Space X, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are racing in space competition because there is not only the state but also the private institutions that support it. For such a situation, the welfare of the country should be high and it should be an attractive place for investors. In contrast, when we take Turkey into account, we cannot say that the private sector has received much contribution to space studies, except for some students at certain Turkish universities and very few state institutions. In short, putting the hands of private companies in our cuntry under the stone will be good for everyone.

Secondly, there are some problems in our educational system and in the attitude of our society towards science. For instance, from the primary school, the children who have to take the training for the experiment and the practice are unfortunately deprived of the studies on space research. Children are still being trained on the basis of continuous theory and memorizing principles. In addition, curious and questioning individuals are not welcomed in society. Even today a considerable proportion of the society is underestimating the efforts made in space innovations. Because of these reasons, it is getting more difficult to have qualified people in Turkey for both space  science and supplementary sciences.

Another reason why we are inadequate in space science is the lack of necessary funds allocated to education and science. When Turkish investment in space research is compared with that in other sectors or fields, it is understood that not much importance is given to science in Turkey. Therefore, the number of space projects and the amount of university allowance are very low compared to those in developed countries. In addition, the procurement of the instruments and materials that are used in these studies should be done quickly, while they are slowed down by cumbersome bureaucracies and unnecessary procedures of correspondence. In short, it is possible for Turkish citizens to look ahead hopefully on the condition that such bureaucratic and financial troubles are tackled as soon as possible.

In conclusion, we must open up to development of the whole society by thinking that the value given  by our country to science will increase and that space science will also be affected positively and that the  name of our country will be glorified not only in the world but also in the space. We can be one of the most important space resarching countries in the world if we cope with the obstacles which I have mentioned above and we all strive to contribute to our country.


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