The Importance of Jerusalem


1Jerusalem is unquestionably vital for the world due to several reasons. A couple of weeks ago, the statement uttered by U.S President Donald Trump that ’’We recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel’’ made all people from diverse beliefs think one more time about the importance of Jerusalem. Actually, what is the secret of Jerusalem which draws the world’s attention? Although the  city known as a holy resort has numerous important aspects, the main issue is mainly based on three points of significance: its history, its being a religious base, and political factors.

       The first reason why Jarusalem has great importance is its unique history. The history of Holy City dates back to 2000 B.C. The city, which has survived the danger of extinction twice throughout its history, has witnessed 23 occupations and 52 attacks. The city and its surroundings which had five thousand years of built-up life were conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1517. The city lived in richness during the period of the Sultan Suleyman the Magnificient and the walls which surround the city and being one of the symbols of Jerusalem were rebulit in the same period. Throughout the Ottoman rule, the Holy City was a developing and changing city. Thanks to reforms, the city met with modern mail system, mail vehicles and transport services. In short, Jerusalem has an amazing history.

       Another reason why Jerusalem is significant is its link to major divine religions like İslam, Judaism, and Christianity. The city is a sacred place for those three semite religions. Taking the case of Islam, it is known that Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) rose from Jerusalem, which is an important point in the spread of Islam to Mirac and the Masjid al-Aqsa was built here. Also, the story that Jesus was crucified here caused Jerusalem to be regarded as a pilgrimage point for Christians. The capture of Holy City by King David in the 10th century B.C has made meaningful the city in terms of Jewishness. An important part of the holy places is located in East Jerusalem. The city  consists of 4 main sections: Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Armenian neighborhoods  and this fact shows us that the city is multi-cultural.

       The final reason why Jerusalem has a great importance is political significence. Jerusalem’s political status is one of the most cenrtal problems of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel occupied East Jerusalem which was under the control of Jordan until that time in the Six-Day War of 1967. Since then, Holy City has been under Israel occupation. Israel proclaimed Jerusalem ‘’an indivisible capital’’ with the law which it accepted in 1980. In addition, Arabs who live in the city were given citizenship with the same law. On the other hand, the Palestinians also see East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state that will be established in the future. That is why U.S President Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel is unacceptable for Islamic countries . As a result, we should always bear in our mind that politics is two-faced.

       In conclusion, Jerusalem is a very important center of the world in terms of history, religion  and politics. The Holy City has a unique and great history, religious diversity and a power which a ruler who has political power of Holy City can rule in the world. As all humanity, we should stop the destruction of this valuable city by wars and political matters. Perhaps, the city will return its old, peaceful and humble days in the future. Who would not want such a thing? It is engrossing.


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