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11zszTechnology is advancing day by day. A number of inventions have been made, and one of most outstanding inventions is a phone. Phones are the most popular communication tools these days. It is possible to handle all our work by phone. We use our phone for the Internet and other things besides talking. We use it at every moment of our life. There are many types of phones, but they can be mainly classified into three kinds by their usage: mobile phones, home phones, and pay phones.

The first type is mobile phones. Another name for these phones is cell phones. The number of people who do not use mobile phones in the world is very small. There are various mobile phone brands and  models. Mobile phones are different in terms of development but it does not matter because ultimately the phone is for communication. You can easily be in contact with your friends by calling or texting everywhere without electricity. Also phones are essential not only for communication but also for other issues. For instance, wherever a person is, he can can surf on the Internet especially on social media and watch films via your cell phone.

Home phone is the second type of phone. These phones do not have the features of mobile phones. You cannot send text messages or surf on the internet, you can just talk to people at home. Therefore, they are called home phones. Nowadays, home phone usage is starting to decline because of mobile phones. One reason for this is that we cannot use the home phone when the electricity is cut off. Another one is that people do not need the home phone because mobile phones are now widespread.

The final type is pay phones. These phones are not widely used compared to the aforementioned ones and their name is known by many people. Pay phones are usually located in open areas of the public sphere, in terminal areas, such as airports and train stations. They open with a piggy bank, coins or special card. You can only talk with them like home phones. There is one disadvantage that it has a certain conversation duration. Even if the duration of the conversation is a problem, it is a positive thing for people to be able to speak outside.

To conclude, we can divide phones into three parts according to how they are used: mobile phones, home phones, and pay phones. They vary from one another since they have certain features peculiar to themselves. Which one do you  prefer? I think mobile phones are more favorable because they save our life every time and in all conditions.



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