resim4Media is of great importance for humanity in terms of communication. One of the significant media tools that lets people get an idea of what’s going on in the world is television. Television has become a need for people since the invention. As a result, television channels are also important because they tell people the truth of life and guide them There are a diversity of channels in Turkey, and two most important of them are Fox and TRT. Fox and TRT bear numerous things in common but they differ from each other in several attributes.

   The broadcast area and the stream are two major similarities between Fox and TRT. First, both channels broadcast to the entire Turkey and reach wide masses. The two channels also have a high-profile audience not only in Turkey but also abroad and because of this feature, they are among international channels. Second, they have other types of programs aside from news or series in their broadcast streams. For instance, in recent times, documentaries or history programs are being offered to the audience for information. Whether you watch Fox or TRT, you will have the opportunity to get knowledge. We can say that Fox and TRT are similar in some cases because of these two characteristics.

   In spite of these similarities, there are  remarkable differences between Fox and TRT, too. Firstly, they differ greatly in year of foundation. TRT is Turkey’s first established and oldest channel, while Fox has been in business for 10 years and is a relatively new channel in Turkey. Although it can be said that publishing in Turkey started with TRT, Fox managed to reach a massive audience soon as a newly established channel. Secondly, whereas Fox is a private channel, TRT is a state-run channel. Furhermore, on Channel Fox TV series are frequently broadcasted. Conversely, TRT enables its audience to watch debate programs or local culture-based shows as well as movies or TV series..

   To conclude, Fox and TRT Channels share a few similarities in terms of broadcast area and stream, but they vary from each other regarding their foundation years and ownership. I think that both channels have a wide range of audience. Therefore, every viewer can find something worth to watch according to their taste and interests.


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