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resim1Phones have become an indispensable part of our lives recently. They are mostly used for communication, but they also have different functions, which makes the phone types different from each other. According to people’s usage needs, phones can be divided into three groups: landline phones, cordless phones, and mobile phones.

To begin with, landline phones are old models of phone history; however, they are still being used today. They connect to a cable and stand in a fixed place. Business and home phones are examples of landline phones. This type of phone is very necessary for the business world. Business phones used at work make most people easily accessible to them. For example, banks communicate with other branches through such phones and handle their work. As for home phones, due to the charging problem in mobile phones, a called person can be reached from the home phone. Moreover, according to research, people with pacemaker are not allowed to use cell phones, so home phones are the right way for them to talk.

Secondly, cordless phones are mostly used by state institutions, such as the army. By means of cordless phones, the officials like police officers have a chance to communicate with each other in emergency situations and solve the problems in a shorter time. Besides, these phones are much handier than fixed phones because they are not connected to a cable. As technology has improved, wired home phones become wireless phones. Thus, when people go to a remote place, they can take home phones.

Finally, today, mobile phones are most commonly used type when compared to other sorts of phones. They can be used not only to communicate, but also to write messages and play games. Further, thanks to their slim and small structure, people use them more comfortably. Smartphones, which are another type of mobile phone, have far wider and more advanced features than the normal mobile phones. Thanks to the operating systems of smart phones like Android and iOS, many innovations come to the telephone world. For instance, applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger, which are found in most operating systems, allow people to communicate with voice and video, using the internet only. In addition, if we do not know the answer to any question, we can ask to the smartphone. As an example, navigation allows us to reach any unknown address.

All things considered, phones can be categorized into three types by their usage: landline phones, cordless phones, and mobile phones. Each phone type has different functions. Which type of phone would you prefer to use after learning their distinctive features?As for me, the most useful group among them is mobile phones. Its developed structure and user-friendly apps make my life a lot easier.


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