Causes of Brain Drain


11It is the mission of every country to provide good education and good job opportunities to   its citizens. Almost all people strive for a good future throughout their lives, so they strugggle to receive a high quality education at all costs. In other words, if they do not find a convenient job after getting well-educated, they feel obliged to migrate to other countries. For this reason, some countries lose a significant proportion of their labor power. This is what is called brain drain. There are remarkable causes of brain drain, several of which are inadequacy in education, unsupported ideas, and low salary.

The first and the most popular cause of brain drain is inadequacy in education. Education should be given differently according to each person’s abilities. Unfortunately, some undeveloped and ever-developing countries do not provide the essential support. Besides, special students are discounted. On the other hand, education places are narrow and crowded. Due to this situation, students are distracted, so people migrate to other countries for better education. From all reasons above, countries should attach importance to training.

The second cause of brain drain is unsupported ideas. Many students have ideas and the ideas may be awesome, however some countries slur over them. This behavior is wrong because unexplored ideas die. An unfavorable project in one country is liked in another. Countries can reveal talents by organizing competitions. There is no doubt that, the greatest inventions came from small ideas. As a result, if importance is given to ideas, brain drain will also decrease.

Thirdly, low salary is a major influence on brain drain too. People are working at lower salaries than they deserve in undeveloped and ever-developing countries. These wages are not enough to lead a satifying life. Therefore, qualified employees move to another place. To cite an example, while the annual salary of the teachers in Luxembourg is approximately $90000, the annual salary of  the teachers in Turkey is roughly $10000. Thus, qualified people start to move from Turkey to Luxembourg. To sum up, in some sectors, earnings must be improved and raised so as to stop the brain drain.

In summary, there are several causes of brain drain: inadequacy in education, unsupported ideas, and low salary. I think that reducing brain drain is crucial for the improvement of countries. If countries care about their qualified people by enhancing their living standards, the states will also benefit from this a lot in return.


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