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conservation_plant_storyEvery living being in the world needs an environment to live. This habitat should be in accordance with their living conditions. Unfortunately, especially because of the rapidly increasing population, this nature we live in is suffering from a great deal of damage. As a result of this, the lives of humans, animals, plants and other living creatures are in danger. Although not protecting our nature sufficiently is a serious problem for the time being and future, there are several solutions to tackle it.

First of all, a useful way to protect the environment would be to take various measures against air pollution. Air pollution occurs as a result of giving out various dusts, fumes, and toxic gases into the air. One of the measures to be taken is to prevent the release of toxic gases from factories into the air. Every company should place filters into their company’s ventilation to prevent these gases from being released into the atmosphere. Another precaution that can be taken is to use public transport instead of personal vehicles. Thus, the exhaust gas emitted from the vehicles to the air will show a highly reduction. Besides, excessive use of fossil fuels causes harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and methane oxide to spread to the atmosphere. These gases create a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, causing global warming. Taking the case of glaciers, the habitat of polar bears, they are melting due to global warming. We must protect habitats of the living beings to prevent the earth’s balance from being deteriorated and we should stop overusing fossil fuels. In brief, such preventions against air pollution will have a positive impact on the health of the living.

Another solution to conserve the environment is to reduce soil pollution. It becomes an important problem for the living beings when soil is polluted because the soil is used as agricultural land. Such substances thrown away as plastics pollute the land and they are insoluble in the soil since humans have put non-recyclable products into the environment. Instead of such imperishable products, recycled products should be prefered in daily life. Another problem causing environmental pollution is that factories dump some wastes onto agricultural areas. Therefore, certain sanctions must be imposed by municipalities to prevent such illegal dump. Furthermore, excessive use of agricultural medicine damages the soil and makes them dysfunctional. When used in doses that are not harmful to the soil, these supplementary fertilizers do little harm to both nutrients and the structure of the soil. Besides, misuse of the soil is another noticeable example of the bad use of enviroment. Such uses cause soil erosion to accelerate and  become more destructive. Because of these highly plausible negative effects on nature, we must use the soil most efficiently for the sake of preserving nature.

Last but not the least, it would help if governments, the media, and organizations place a higher emphasis on this issue. Governments should always support the various activities to conserve nature. For example, states should help their citizens by allocating adequate budget for organizations and their projects to protect nature. Thus, citizens will become more voluntary for prospective projects on environmental protection. Non- governmental establishments should tell all people about the activities and events they have been organizing to conserve the environment. As an illustration, the TEMA foundation should inform people about the fact that the afforestation work they are doing is necessary to ensure natural balance in the environment. If this is an effective and useful narrative, most people will be aware of it and participate in such activities. In addition, media organizations should give great support to these events. For instance, people can be informed about the arrengements through the media. As a result, thanks to soundly given information, people become conscious and contribute to the protection of the environment.

All in all, the deterioration of natural balance is a vital problem; however, there are numerous ways to conserve nature. Keeping air and soil clean and making people conscious are just two of the useful solutions. As far as I am concerned, those who pollute nature and cause great damage to it must be exposed to deterrent punishments. We should also be more sensitive to protecting our environment and we must individually fulfill our tasks to save nature.


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