How to Eat Healthily


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Nowadays we are often told what we should or should not eat. However, I personally believe that we do not have to follow what each expert has said. What is important to be healthy is to take each kind of food at the right rate. In my opinion, we must take both meat and vegetables and eat the food which contains both.

Firstly, meat is a kind of food which contains nutritions that are useful for our body. By way of illustration, it is rich in proteins which the human body needs. Also, we cannot obtain the proteins that meat contains just from vegetables. Therefore, we should not avoid eating it. Furthermore, I think, meat is more delicious than vegetables. That is, meat must be eaten by all people.

Secondly, vegetables must be eaten as well. When it comes to taking vitamins, vegetables come forward. If we do not take enough vitamins, our enzyms cannot work because their functions depend on vitamins. Aside from this, vegetables are the right food those who go on a diet. For these reasons, we must not neglect eating vegetables.

Finally, because of the given information above, in order to be healthy, we have to eat meals which are made with both meat and vegetables. The best way of being able to do this is to eat the meal which contains both. By this way, if we eat such meal, we can meet our need for both vegetable and meat.

All things considered, the best way of taking nutritions is to eat meat and vegetables together. I absolutely love meat, but while I am eating meat, I do not neglect eating vegetable. In my opinion, everybody must care about their own diet.


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