Whether technology makes our lives better


Nowadays, technology is one of the most controversial subjects. Although most people use it for their daily aims, some argue about nature and insufficient protection. As it is seen all around the world, there are two opposing ideas about technology. That technology makes our lives better is one, and that technology makes our lives worse is the other. This essay discusses these two opposing ideas.

Technology makes our lives better in several ways, such as easier, more comfortable, or more effective. Likewise, most people comment on what we would do if technology did not exist. It affects life in almost every way–family, work relationship , career, and so on. It is the fact that technology which is getting a part of our lives day by day has accelerated since the Industrial Revaluation as in electricity, infrastructure systems, transportation networks, luxury life, and medicine industry. These examples of development is getting longer and longer. Even every human life has been getting longer over the last half century. In brief, technology is already an indispensable part of our life in many ways.

In contrast, technology also damages natural resources and pollutes our world. Some people agree that advancing technology has damaged our lives and nature. According to some research, technology causes addictions like internet addiction, permanent headache troubles, and long term depression. As the development speed of technology increases, its use for good purposes decreases. For example, smoke from unfiltered factory chimeys pollutes the air or making atom bombs aiming to conquer other nations threatens both our environment and humanity. Laconically, technology damages our lives and makes us an addict.

As is seen throughout the world, the development of technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Not only is it a part of our lives but also it damages nature. I strongly believe that technology will develop at all cases, and therefore we should do our best to use it in a good way, of course, without ignoring its damages. Similarly, as stated at the beginning of the essay, I am in favour of the idea that technology is one of the most common controversial subjects. However, if we use it to upgrade our civilisation, there will be no problem in the future.


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