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After doing thorough research, statistics and reports are made to diminish the crime rate in cities. Besides every job group bringing various solutions to fight against crimes, urban planners like Ebenezer Howard, Le Corbusier, and Daniel Burnham have interesting and effective plans in order to upgrade security levels in cities.

According to Ebenezer Howard, cities must be established in an order to prevent crimes. His city design, called “Garden City”, suggests that when a city is founded, its citizens must be scattered for their own industrial issues. Accordingly, government buildings, hospitals, and other buildings which have public access must be grouped. For instance, parks and schools must be together. He does not support the notion of a big city, or a metropolitan. He plans redecorations of suburban areas for ethnic or cultural groups to protect the city from crimes.

The other interesting solution called Radiant City has been proposed by Le Corbusier. A Radiant City project  involves more crowded and more imaginary cities. According to Le Corbusier, what is important is the sky and the ground. In other words, engineers must use the underground for transportation and the sky for building more skyscrapers. Therefore, there will be a lot of space available  for roads, for parks, and especially for cultural activities. The greener an area is, the more cultural activities are feasable there, which decreases the crime ratio as well. When he plans the city, he cares about how to designate green areas more to be able to create public places like parks, playgrounds, and play courts.

Another effective notion is what is now called The City Beautiful. The City Beautiful is decorated by Daniel Burnham. As for his idea, all important buildings must be together in the same boulevard at the centre of the city. Not only does he locate goverment buildings but also he positions cultural centres together. He thinks if every thing were in an order people would not commit a crime.

Of all the urban planners’ ideas, I pick up the Ebenezer Howard’s. Although his idea includes unsolved points, Howard’s plan is more realistic and workable. Whether or not it appears like a discrimination is controversial. Unless the system damages the strong ties among various groups of citizens, it never leads to a trouble. Whether an important building is built  in a boulevard or built as flats is not an absolute solution to deter the criminals.

To conclude, urban planners have remarkable ideas to prevent cities from crimes. Even if every plan has wrong sides for cities, I think we can use underground and even the sky for more space. However, the best way to fight with crime is to enhance the citizens’ educational level.


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