My Trip to Istanbul


 My historical city trip in Istanbul consisted of three stages. First of all, I called my friends and gave information on it. I also sent an e-mail to each of them. After we talked about life in general, we arranged the date of our trip and which places we should visit. At last, the big day arrived and we met in the place where we had agreed on before. When everyone came, we started the trip. First, we visited the historical monuments and places at Sultanahmet Square. And then, we had lunch at the Galata Tower. It was expensive but we enjoyed bot the meal and awesome view of the Bosphorus. And then, we went to Besiktas. After visiting the Dolmabahçe Palace, we spent some time at BJK Inonu Stadium. Finally, we strolled at Istiklal Avenue, Taksim. It was great to wander aimlessly all day.


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