An Eye for an Eye

    Topic: Do you agree that Heathcliff in the novel “Wuthering Heights” is right in his way of taking revenge on Catherine? If you were in his shoes, how would you react?

    Humans are all in a relationship with someone in the form of friendship or partnership. Love affairs are the most common type of these relationships, some of which end up with marriage while others weaken over time and lead to separation. In such separations the feeling of revenge breaks out, which is one of the underlying themes in the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. The main character Heathcliff in the novel takes revenge on Catherine and I do not approve of his way of revenge owing to a raft of reasons.

Firstly, Heathclifff may be right to be angry with Catherine since she betrayed him and married a rich man, but his attitude towards Catherine’s daughter just because of her mother’s individual choices in her love affairs is completely unethical. He declares her a scapegoat and the one who deserves to be penalized. However, in fact, everybody is responsible for their own acts. In other words, no one can be declared guilty on account of someone else’s maltreatment. In this respect, Heathclifff’s holding a grudge against Catherine’s daughter is unacceptable.

Secondly, resorting to violence itself is absolutely amiss. In the novel, Heathcliff compels Catherine’s daughter to marry his sickly son, slaps her, and so on. In this way, he thinks that he takes revenge on her dead mother. Instead, he could have married a rich woman when Catherine was alive, which would be a type of revenge as well but a harmless and more effective one.

In conlusion, love has been an issue of mankind since the birth of Adam and Eve. It is such a feeling that either gives one an irresistible pain or makes him or her fly over the clouds. Consequently, its influence may pervert the minds of some people like Heathcliff, whose love gradually turns into hatred. I strongly believe that separation is as normal as coming together. What is at issue here is that partners should know how to end a relationship in a sensible way without hurting the other side.


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