Arranged Marriage


111    All of the societies have traditions.  These traditions affect people who live in these societies and people determine a lifestyle. Also, these traditions differ from each other. For instance, some traditions prefer arranged marriage instead of love marriage. Each marriage type has certain effects on society. The effects of arranged marriage can be split into two categories: marriage lasting long and changing into love marriage slowly.

     Firstly, arranged marriage lasts long. In arranged marriages, couples’ first date is organized by their parents, relatives, common friends. Although the marriage is initially set up just by considering each other’s physical appearance, the couples learn more about each other day by day. Moreover, traditions and stereotypes in their society help to strenthen their relationship after marriage. For this reason, this type of marriage continues for a long time. As a result, arranged marriages do not prevail much today, but compared to love marriage it lasts longer.

     Another effect of arranged marriage is that it gradually translates into love marriage. Since people who get married trough an arrangement do not know each other well, they start to know one another after marriage and most of the time it ends up with mutual love. In brief, arranged marriages are also based on love but it is gained after marriage.

     In conclusion, nowadays, most of the people are still getting married through arranged marriage. This is because such marriages last much longer when compared with love marriage. In addition, arranged marriages turn into love marriage by and by. All in all, I strongly believe that arranged marriages has more advantages than other kinds of marriage.


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