Two Cities


Turkey has 81 provinces. It is very nice to develop towns in a country as well as the most remote village in it. In addition, Istanbul is known as the best city, whereas Ardahan is known as one of the worst cities in Turkey. Although these two provinces of Turkey have a few similarities , there are greater differences between them.

Firstly, Istanbul and Ardahan have several similarities. Istanbul has a few nations, and Ardahan is too. Ardahan’s traditions and cultures are just as like Istanbul’s. Also, Ardahan’s sport club is similar to Istanbul B. B. sport club. In addition, both Ardahan and Istanbul have ancient historical sites like Ardahan Castle and Rumelian Fortress.

Despite these similarities, Ardahan and Istanbul have some very significant differences.

One important difference is how to ensure people’s livelihood. Ardahaners earn their living by agriculture. In contrast, Istanbulers make a living by working in industry. The Ardahaners differ from Istanbulers in dish varieties. Ardahaners ingest the most natural aliment like yogurt and cheese. Ardahaners have a peaceful life, while Istanbulers lead an active life.

To sum up, it is clear that although there are some important similarities between Ardahan and Istanbul, there are significant differences as well. Indeed, these diversities will disappear day by day in the future.


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