Causes of Traffic Accidents


           There are different types of accidents which people suffer from in their life, such as traffic accidents, home accidents, and workplace accidents. Especially in Turkey, traffic accidents result in a large number of casualties. According to the recent statistics, more people are dying in traffic accidents compared with those in terrorist attacks. The causes of traffic accidents can be split into three categories: personal factors, governmental factors, and weather conditions.

            One of the leading causes of traffic accidents is to do with drivers themselves. Given personal factors of deadly accidents in traffic, drunk driving comes first. That is why alcohol increases carelessness due to the fact that cars shouldn’t be driven drunk. On the other hand, long way drivers have an accident seeing as they are very tired. Namely, sleeping and carelessness which come from fatigue rise the number of accidents. In addition, when people are driving, they talk on their mobile phone. It is very dangerous because people don’t have three hands and two brains. As a result, drivers had better behave like a driver, and be more careful.

            The second cause of traffic accidents is related to the government. First of all, some roads are neglected, and it has many holes. When some drivers escape swerve thanks to these holes, they have an accident. Then, some roads don’t have any traffic signboards, or it they have wrong traffic signboards, which makes drivers surprised. Unfortunately they have an accident. Consequently, people have casualties on account of the fact that government doesn’t take necessary measures.

          Third, weather conditions cause traffic accidents. Particularly, slippy slippery roads after rain are dangerous for cars.  Many cars are driven away by high speed. Sometimes, it is foggy, and drivers have an accident due to the fact that they cannot see the road clearly. In winter, a lot of cars sky skid in road seeing as it is frozen. Generally, people do not die in these accidents but the cars do not have high speed people should avoid speeding. Hereby, bad weather conditions may induce traffic accidents because of fact that drivers should be careful unless drivers are careful.

           Briefly, traffic accidents become occur due to drivers’ faults, the government’s negligence, and bad weather conditions. Barely, even if drivers have an accident, they do not die at a low speed. I believe that high speed is catastrophic. Low speed helps you survive in the worst circumstance.


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