Bad Effects of TV on Children


   Children like watching TV. They depend on TV too much. Sometimes, their parents close their eyes to this situation. However, TV has several negative effects on a child’s psychology and body. First of all, TV contributes to some psycological disorders.  They become agressive because of violent programs. For example, children usually argue with their parents and their school friends. They don’t tell their problems to anybody. Second, they often live in their dream world. For instance, when children are watching films, their own toys looks like a gun. Third, they become antisocial and shy. Most of the time, they don’t leave their home. Also, TV causes a lot of physical problems. If children watch TV short distance, their eyesight gets bad. Another problem is the concentrated disorder. When they are watching TV, they don’t think of anything else. Because  they just focus on TV, they even skip their meal. Therefore, they have got health problems. Because of this these reasons, we should teach children how to use TV consciously. In conclusion, if we aren’t conscious about of it, it is certain that we will confront problems with children.


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